November 26, 2019 Patch

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Patch notes

The Outlanders Update


  • Updated new player experience - tutorial starts automatically for players who have played less than three games of Underlords.
  • Significant design pass to the both PC and Mobile UI, making things more legible, tappable / clickable, and visually balanced.
  • The Janitor took off some time from a busy Dota update to sweep out more crashes.
  • Added many more 2-star and 3-star visual upgrades for heroes.
  • Improved queue times for parties.


  • New game mode, available for bots and for casual online matches.
  • At the beginning of the game, choose from three starter crews of five heroes, drawn from two Alliances. These two Alliances will be completed to the first tier. Don't like your three choices? You get one reroll.
  • Players start at level 5 and automatically level up on even rounds.
  • Players get to choose an item on odd rounds and on the starter-crew round.
  • Only two of the same hero are needed to rank up.
  • Only one Underlord Talent is pickable (the Ultimate).
  • Four strikes (losses) and you're out.
  • Round pairs are made based on player health - players with the same or similar health will be matched up when possible.
  • No interest on your bank and no extra gold from streaks.
  • Average 10 minute games.

Hero changes

Earth spirit mini icon.png Earth Spirit:

  • Newly added.
  • Alliances: Spirit Spirit ii.png Warrior Warriors ii.png
  • Tier: 3
  • Ability: Geomagnetic grip icon.png Geomagnetic Grip - Earth Spirit summons a Stone Remnant off the map and pulls it towards his current target. Enemies struck by the incoming Stone Remnant are silenced for 3 seconds and take [100/150/200] damage.
  • Ability: Earth elemental icon.png Earth Elemental - Passive - When Earth Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he silences affected enemy units for 3 seconds.

Ember spirit mini icon.png Ember Spirit:

  • Newly added.
  • Alliances: Spirit Spirit ii.png Assassin Assassins ii.png
  • Tier: 2
  • Ability: Sleight of fist icon.png Sleight of Fist - Ember Spirit dashes around with blazing speed, attacking all enemies within [2/2/3] cells, then returning to his start location. Attacks deal [100/200/300] bonus damage.
  • Ability: Fire elemental icon.png Fire Elemental - Passive - When Ember Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he sets affected enemy units on fire for 3 seconds.

Legion commander mini icon.png Legion Commander:

  • Ability: Elemental charge icon.png Elemental Charge - Passive - When Legion Commander executes a Delta Slam as part of the Spirit Alliance, she deals double damage.

Snapfire mini icon.png Snapfire:

  • Newly added.
  • Alliances: Dragon Dragon ii.png Inventor Inventors ii.png
  • Tier: 1
  • Ability: Ol' scatterblast icon.png Ol' Scatterblast - After 4 basic attacks Snapfire readies her shotgun, blasting an enemy within 2 cells for [150/250/350] damage in a cone 3 cells wide and slows the attack of affected units by [-15/-20/-25]%.
  • Ability: Mortimer kisses icon.png Mortimer Kisses - Unlocked by Dragon Alliance - Mortimer spits [3/4/5] globs at enemies up to 5 cells away. Each glob deals [150/250/450] damage to all enemies within 1 cell of the impact and lights them on fire for [1/2/3] seconds.

Storm spirit mini icon.png Storm Spirit:

  • Newly added.
  • Alliances: Spirit Spirit ii.png Mage Mages ii.png
  • Tier: 2
  • Ability: Ball lightning icon.png Ball Lightning - Storm Spirit becomes volatile electricity, charging across the battlefield and dealing [70/140/300] damage to each unit he passes through, plus [10/20/40] damage per cell he has traveled.
  • Ability: Storm elemental icon.png Storm Elemental - Passive - When Storm Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he disarms affected enemy units for 3 seconds.

Void spirit mini icon.png Void Spirit:

  • Newly added.
  • Alliances: Spirit Spirit ii.png Warlock Warlocks ii.png
  • Tier: Ace of Spirits
  • Ace Effect: Charged Spirits deal 100% more attack damage.
  • Ability: Dissimilate icon.png Dissimilate - Void Spirit enters the aether, disappearing and creating 3 portals. After 1.3 seconds he exits one of the portals and deals [200/300/400] damage to enemies within 1 cell and reducing their armor by [10/15/20] for 5 seconds.
  • Ability: Void elemental icon.png Void Elemental - Passive - When Void Spirit executes a Delta Slam, he breaks affected enemy units for 3 seconds.

Weaver mini icon.png Weaver:

Item changes

Aegis of the immortal icon.png Aegis of the Immortal:

  • Disabled in Knockout.

Desperate measures icon.png Desperate Measures:

  • Disabled in Knockout.

Embarrassment of riches icon.png Embarrassment of Riches:

  • Disabled in Knockout.

Alliance changes

Champion Champion ii.png:

  • Fixed a bug with Champions not getting credit for all alliances.
  • Fixed a bug with Champions not getting the increased health until partway through the fight.
  • Lowered the health and damage bonus percent from 10 to 8%.

Spirit Spirit ii.png:

  • 1 Tier, three Spirits to complete
  • Triangular Delta Slam - When a Spirit casts an ability they enter a charged state. When 3 Spirits are in a charged state they perform the forbidden technique of the triangular Delta Slam, each dealing 200 magic damage to all enemies caught inside and applying their elemental effects.