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Magic resistance is a stat that modifies the amount of magical damage taken by a unit. Magic resistance values can be modified by items, hero abilities and Alliance bonuses. A positive value reduces the amount of magical damage received by a unit, while a negative value increases the magical damage received.

Magic resistance stacks are multiplicative. For example, A unit with 20% magic resistance gaining a bonus of 50% and another one of 50% would result in a 80% total magic resistance.

Magic resistance has no effect on physical damage or pure damage.


Units with magic resistance
  Jull 15%
  Anti-Mage [30/40/50]%
  Lich 20%
  Lone Druid
  Spirit Bear
  Medusa 10%
  Pangolier 10%
  Pudge 5%
  Rubick 20%
  Terrorblade 30%
  Venomancer 20%
  Viper 20%
  Wraith King 10%
  Plague Ward [50/50/99]%
Positive modifiers
  Pudge   Pudge 3 Star Effect +10% for each enemy dies within 1 cell
  Viper   Corrosive Skin +[30/50/70]%
  Hood of Defiance +30%
  Pipe of Insight +50%
Knight   Alliance bonus +[15/20/25]% or +[30/40/50]%
Scaled   Alliance bonus +[20/50]%
Negative modifiers
  Jull   Barrels of Fun -20%
Mage   Alliance bonus -[35/70]%