June 18, 2020 Patch

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Patch notes

Hero changes

Arc warden mini icon.png Arc Warden:

  • Arc Warden clones no longer spawn Eidolons.

Beastmaster mini icon.png Beastmaster:

  • At three stars, Beastmaster takes 75% less damage from summons and is immune to their magic.

Juggernaut mini icon.png Juggernaut:

  • At three stars, Juggernaut gains Blade Dance: each attack has a 20% chance to Critical Hit for 200% Damage.

Pudge mini icon.png Pudge:

  • Fixed an issue with 3star.png Pudge's 3 Star Effect (Flesh Heap) where magic resistance could sometimes go negative.

Queen of pain mini icon.png Queen of Pain:

  • At three stars, the Queen of Pain captivates nearby enemies, allowing her a 25% chance to evade attacks from enemies 2 cells away.

Alliance changes

Heartless Heartless ii.png:

  • Armor Debuff changed from [4, 9, 16] to [4, 8, 15]