January 30, 2020 Patch

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Patch notes

Hey, it's Ennother Underlord


Added Enno mini icon.png Enno

  • A ranged menace, Enno leaps around the board poisoning enemies and generally wreaking havoc.
  • Enno will be one of the four Underlord options available at the end of Round 1 in Knockout and at the end of Round 9 in Standard and Duos game modes. One of two Enno builds (detailed below) will be randomly presented.
  • Passive Skill - Escape artist icon.png Escape Artist
    • Once per combat, when dropping below 25/50/75% health, Enno escapes in a cloud of smoke, reappearing elsewhere on the board, stunning adjacent enemies for 1.5 seconds.
  • Build 1 - Healin' n' Stealin'!
    • Dr. enno's soothing balm icon.png Dr. Enno's Soothing Balm:
      • Enno leaps into the air and shoots a poison dart at up to 2-5 enemies that are within 3 cells, applying a stack of Poison and healing adjacent allies for 15-60 per stack.
    • Yoink! icon.png Yoink!:
      • Enno steals the lowest tier item from the enemy crew at the start of combat. Whenever an enemy dies in Enno's attack range, he loots them if they have a better item equipped. All items return to their original owners at the end of combat.
  • Build 2 - Rabid Furball
    • Death spin icon.png Death Spin:
      • Enno leaps into the air and shoots a poison dart at up to 2-5 enemies that are within 3 cells, applying a stack of Poison and dealing 20-55 physical damage per stack.
    • All out attack! icon.png All Out Attack!:
      • Enno lassos the enemy team and launches an All Out Attack! dealing 50-225 physical damage, applying 5 stacks of Poison and stunning them and nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds.


  • Added a new status effect, Poison icon.png Poisoned. Poisoned units take 15 physical damage per second and healing is reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. Poison effects can stack up to 5 times.

General changes

  • Improved lighting used by the Underlords.
  • Fixed issues with low resolution textures on the Underlords on mobile.
  • Further fixes to the map not loading when starting a match.
  • Fixed an issue where a dead unit on a cell could prevent a live unit from being selected.
  • Fixed wrong rank icon sometimes being displayed on the post-match screen.
  • Fixed more places where an Underlord's base ability icon or name would be shown, rather than the version of that ability used by the Underlord build.
  • Added more pizzazz to the Underlord picker.
  • Target buddy icon.png Target Buddy has begrudgingly put away his holiday hat, since it's apparently "not the season" anymore.

Underlord changes

Jull mini icon.png Jull:

  • Fixed Barrels of fun icon.png Barrels of Fun barrels hitting Spiderlings.

Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen:

  • Fixed enemy Spiderlings causing other enemies to take decreased damage from Implosion icon.png Implosion and Shockwave icon.png Shockwave.

Unit changes

Venomancer mini icon.png Venomancer:

  • Venomous gale icon.png Venomous Gale:
    • Now applies Poison icon.png poison to its targets.

Item changes

Blade mail icon.png Blade Mail:

  • Fixed bonus armor error in description.

Orb of venom icon.png Orb of Venom:

  • Instead of applying damage, Orb of Venom now applies Poison icon.png poison.

Alliance changes

Brute Brute ii.png:

  • Fixed an issue where Brutes could switch targets mid-swing.