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In a match of Dota Underlords, players build their crew from a shared pool of heroes that consists of:

  • 45 copies of each Tier One hero
  • 30 copies of each Tier Two hero
  • 25 copies of each Tier Three hero
  • 20 copies of each Tier Four hero
  • 10 copies of each Ace

When a player sells heroes they are returned to the shared pool.

When a player is eliminated from the match, all heroes they have hired are returned to the shared pool.

Since ACE TIER update there is a chance for Ace tier to expand the pool: if Ace hero was generated thanks to additional 15% he is not counted as taken from the pool. (proof)

Combinations[edit | edit source]

The table below shows the highest combinations possible for each hero tier in a match.

Hero Tier Three star icon.png Two star icon.png One star icon.png
Tier One 5
Tier Two 3 1
Tier Three 2 2 1
Tier Four 2 2
Ace 1 1

Chances to roll[edit | edit source]