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Demon Demon ii.png is an alliance in Dota Underlords.

Alliance bonus[edit | edit source]

Demon bonus 1.png Whenever a Demon casts a spell, for 4 seconds allied Demons are Silence icon.png silenced and the caster gains +50% bonus Pure damage for each allied Demon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The bonus damage from the alliance does not count as a separate damage instance when calculating mana gain.
    • It does, however, count as an increase of attack damage and thus will increase the amount of mana gained for low attack values.
  • The damage bonus stacks multiplicatively with Blood-Bound Blood-bound ii placeholder.png damage bonus.
  • The additional damage is calculated before damage reduction.
  • Every new instance of Anessix's Demon companion counts as separate Demon for the bonus damage.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Chaos knight icon.png
Demon icon.png Knight icon.png
Chaos Knight
Doom icon.png
Demon icon.png Brute icon.png
Queen of pain icon.png
Demon icon.png Assassin icon.png
Queen of Pain
Shadow demon icon.png
Heartless icon.png Demon icon.png
Shadow Demon
Shadow fiend icon.png
Demon icon.png Warlocks icon.png
Shadow Fiend
Terrorblade icon.png
Demon icon.png Hunter icon.png

Summons[edit | edit source]

Brill bruiser icon.png
Demon icon.png
Brill Bruiser
Demon archer icon.png
Demon icon.png
Demon Archer
Demonic golem icon.png
Demon icon.png
Demonic Golem

Change logs[edit | edit source]

December 05, 2019 Patch

  • Dead allied Demons and ally summoned Demons now count towards the damage bonus.

November 07, 2019 Patch

  • When a Demon casts, now only allied Demons are silenced.

October 24, 2019 Patch

  • New: Whenever a Demon casts a spell, for 4 seconds all Demons are silenced and the caster gains +50% bonus Pure damage for each allied Demon.
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