December 28, 2019 Patch

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Patch notes

The Update In Which Friendly Fire Gets Even Less Friendly


  • Draws no longer grant a free reroll.
  • Fixed Assassins Assassins ii.png being stuck trying to attack a target they can't reach.
  • Fixed an issue where being interrupted during an attack could result in starting a new attack without waiting for the old attack to finish its swing timer.
  • Fixed units with high attack speed waiting too long for their next attack if they switched targets.
  • Fixed incorrect cooldown display causing some Ultimates to look ready when they were not (e.g. Friendly fire icon.png Friendly Fire).

Underlord changes

Anessix mini icon.png Anessix:

  • Summon demonic golem icon.png Summon Demonic Golem:
    • Sped up spawn animation now that the Golem can only crash into the battlefield.

Hobgen mini icon.png Hobgen:

  • Friendly fire icon.png Friendly Fire:
    • Fixed an issue where Friendly Fire could cause no damage.
    • Damage changed from [100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500] to [150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500]

Jull mini icon.png Jull:

  • Fixed Aggressive Tank Jull healing enemies.
  • Happy hour icon.png Happy Hour:
    • Fixed not properly reducing damage.
    • Duration changed from 7.0 to 10.0
    • Instant damage taken changed from 30 to 50

Hero changes

Shadow demon mini icon.png Shadow Demon:

  • Demonic purge icon.png Demonic Purge:
    • Fixed not having a cast animation.

Item changes

  • Round 1 Item Tier Odds now 100% Tier 1.
  • Round 10 Item Tier Odds now 100% Tier 2.

Aeon disk icon.png Aeon Disk:

  • Tier changed from 4 to 3.

Eul's scepter icon.png Eul's Scepter:

  • Fixed the Sceptered unit not reserving its cell. That could cause another unit to spawn in or occupy the cell while the Sceptered unit was still in the air.

Maelstrom icon.png Maelstrom

  • Damage now reduced by 20% each lightning leap, so only the first target hit each cast takes full damage.

Vladmir's offering icon.png Vladmir's Offering:

  • Tier changed from 3 to 4.

Alliance changes

Champion Champion ii.png:

  • Damage bonus per active alliance changed from 8% to 3%. Health bonus remains 8%.

Scrappy Scrappy ii.png:

  • Armor bonus changed from 9 to 8 and disadvantaged armor bonus changed from 18 to 16.

Warrior Warriors ii.png:

  • Armor bonus changed from [7, 17] to [9, 18]

Warlock Warlocks ii.png:

  • Lifesteal changed from [50, 70, 90] to [50, 60, 70]. Link duration changed from [2, 3, 3.5] to [2, 2.5, 3]