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Armor is a stat that modifies the amount of physical damage taken by a unit. Armor values can be modified by items, hero abilities and Alliance bonuses. A positive value reduces the amount of physical damage received by a unit, while a negative value increases the damage received.

Armor has no effect on Magical damage or Pure damage.


Damage CalculationEdit

Physical damage dealt to a unit with armor will be multiplied by the damage multiplier. For positive armor values, the multiplier will be less than 1. For negative armor values, the multiplier will be greater than 1. It is calculated by:

damage multiplier = 1 - ((0.052 × armor) ÷ (0.9 + 0.048 × |armor|))

The damage multiplier has a maximum of 25/12 and a minimum of zero. Due to the essence of the calculation, every additional point of armor increases the effective HP (see below) of a unit more than the previous point.

Effective HPEdit

The extra damage a unit can take due to armor is known as its extra effective HP (or extra EHP) for physical damage. At 0 armor, 1 armor grants roughly 5.8% effective HP. This means a unit with 1,000 health and 1 armor can take 1058 physical damage. At 30 armor, this figure scales upwards to 7.7%, meaning armor is more effective at higher values.

Effective HP is calculated by:

effective HP = current HP ÷ damage multiplier


For a sample creature with 1000 HP, here's how its survivability is affected by armor.

Armor Damage multiplier Effective HP Increase in effective HP

From adding 5 armor

-15 148% 675 51
-10 138% 726 88
-5 123% 814 186
0 100% 1,000 295
5 77% 1,295 309
10 62% 1,605 324
15 52% 1,929 340
20 44% 2,268 357
25 38% 2,625 375
30 33% 3,000 395

Because armor is more effective at higher values, a drop in armor is more effective at high values, too.   Desolator reduces armor by 5, which means that if our sample creature has 15 armor, its EHP go down by 324; but if has 0 armor, its EHP only go down by 186.

List of armor modifiersEdit

  Jull   Jull passive +5 per adjacent unit
  Treant Protector   Treant Protector 3 Star Effect +5 armor
  Armlet of Mordiggian +10 armor
  Blade Mail +5 armor
  Chainmail +7 armor
  Craggy Coat +15 armor
  Shiva's Guard +10 armor
  Vladmir's Offering +5 armor
Warrior   Alliance bonus +[10/25] armor
  Anessix   Enthrall -10 armor
  Slardar   Corrosive Haze -[10/20/30] armor
  Snapfire   Snapfire 3 Star Effect -5 armor
  Templar Assassin   Meld -[2/4/6] armor
  Vengeful Spirit   Wave of Terror -[3/5/7] armor
  Void Spirit   Dissimilate -[10/15/20] armor
  Desolator -5 armor
Heartless   Alliance bonus -[4/9/15] armor


If the formula for armor listed above is correct, then at 225 armor, a unit would take 0 damage. Any higher and the unit would start to be healed.